Andrew Comiskey
Pray-away-your-gay scammer Andrew Comiskey | via Restored Hope Network

I received a money-grubber with the subject: Letter from Andrew Comiskey. Comiskey’s email is on behalf of Restored Hope Network, a half-assed purveyor of the Pray Away Your Gay© scam. They have expanded of late to praying away gender dysphoria.

Furthermore, according to the scientific literature, approximately 328.7 hours of prayer are required to obtain a 1% reduction in what they call same-sex attraction. Seriously, though, if this crap worked then there would be research published to academic journals. There is not and there never will be.

“What kind of depraved schmuck claims that people whose sexuality he disapproves of because of utterances in ancient text are; a) diseased and; b) contagious?”

Andrew Comiskey is the founder (1984) of Desert Stream Ministries and one of the founders of RHN. He is a Catholic convert.

The email is the usual “Restored Hope Network needs money to do thus and so.” This passage caught my attention:

Send a gift today. We at Desert Stream Ministries have pledged to RHN from the start because we trust RHN and Anne [Paulk] to give ALL to magnify Jesus and Body as THE cure to the LGBTQ+ pandemic.

Now a pandemic is defined as an epidemic of an infectious disease that has spread across a large region. In simplest terms, a pandemic is a global epidemic.

What kind of depraved schmuck claims that people whose sexuality he disapproves of because of utterances in ancient text are; a) diseased and; b) contagious?

Comiskey is more than just an ignoramus. Andrew Comiskey has the arrogance to presume that he is the arbiter for the dispensing of approval and shame. The guy needs to get a grip. Comiskey runs a tiny nonprofit in Grandview, MO. Furthermore, Comiskey has no training whatsoever in counseling.

“When faith obliterates critical thinking, it becomes superstition.”

In spite of the lack of applicable training, Comiskey’s arrogance leads him to this preposterous assertion in the same email:

You need RHN’s support, and RHN needs yours. Anne Paulk, the Executive Director, leads an utterly unique team—no other staff equips persons and families and therapists and ministers and churches to extend Jesus’ transforming power to the sexually confused. And unites diverse Christian streams as one for the broken!

This meme is somewhat common in pray-away-the-gay scams. People they disapprove of are “confused” and “broken.” And just what does one do with broken things? They get fixed.

Medical science disagrees. Every expression of sexual orientation, gender identity and their unlimited intersections represents a natural variation of human sexuality. It is Mr. Comiskey who is confused. Moreover, it is Mr. Comiskey who is broken.

Normal, healthy people do not live their lives as slaves to ancient texts. When faith obliterates critical thinking, it becomes superstition.

LGBTQ people are neither broken nor confused. We are successful in every form of human endeavor. We are captains of industry. We are astronauts. We are the secretary of transportation. We are members of the United States Court of Appeals. By about 326 BCE, one of us ruled the known world.

Andrew Comiskey is not very successful. He worsens his plight by calling his prospective customers diseased perverts who are contagious to others.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.