Kendra White, Stephen Black, Laura Perry, and Denise Shick
AFA’s brain trust come together to offer advice on how to offend LGBTQ family members. | via YouTube

LGBTQ persons have nothing to be ashamed of.

Leave it to American Family Association to effectively disconnect LGBTQ family members who simply want to be accepted for who they are. Some LGBTQ people make that an ultimatum: Having a family relationship requires acceptance.

AFA has all the answers. Of course they do:

Home for the Holidays: How to reach your LGBTQ loved ones this season is a half hour panel discussion designed to help families navigate these difficult situations with both grace and truth. Join AFA’s own Kendra White with special guests Stephen Black, Laura Perry, and Denise Shick as they share biblically based answers to common questions families are facing.

“Kendra White is too intellectually limited to recognize her own absurdity.”

I will get to the video in a moment. But first —

Season’s greetings:

Kendra White has been the director/writer for three AFA videos, possibly more. White presumes to be an expert regarding gender identity. Sure.

Stephen Black was one of the original board members of Restored Hope Network; a pray-away-whatever enterprise. According to RHN, LGBTQ people are broken and need to be fixed. They want to get fixed because they are “struggling.”

Laura Perry is an Oklahoma woman who claims to be ex-trans. Therefore, according to her logic, no one should be transgender. Apparently Jesus has the magic cure for gender dysphoria.

Denise Shick had a transgender parent who was a crappy guardian. Therefore, all transgender people are crappy people. Shick’s sick schtick is premised on the notion that her experience makes her an expert. Shick claims that trans people recruit children, that transgender persons are predisposed to be child molesters and that gender dysphoria is a fad.

The first question is how to deal with gay offspring who want to bring their partner/husband/wife for Thanksgiving dinner.

Black says that it is necessary to have them there in order to influence them to get right with Jesus but to forbid any displays of affection.

Shick’s advice is to first determine whether the couple’s motivation to dine with family is “self-centered or God-centered.” “Are they coming for repentance?” Black chimes in with “parents are being brutalized with grief.”

“Christians always have the same excuse for why their offspring are LGBTQ. They were sexually abused. It is usually untrue and gender dysphoria is not subject to influence.”

The second question deals with a transgender young adult who is on (MTF) hormones and planning for gender confirmation surgery. According to the family “it came out of nowhere and we are devastated.” These are very self-centered people. Not for a moment do they demonstrate any concern for the fact that their daughter is addressing a medical condition.

Christians always have the same excuse for why their offspring are LGBTQ. They were sexually abused. It is usually untrue and gender dysphoria is not subject to influence. As the Endocrine Society frequently says:

Scientific evidence shows that there is a durable biological underpinning to our gender identity, and external forces have little impact on that identity.

The likelihood is that Kendra White has manufactured the questions that are supposedly coming from supporters. Kendra White is too intellectually limited to recognize her own absurdity.

White goes on to say that her conveniently manufactured family wants their daughter (misgendered throughout) to come home for the holidays so that they can talk her out of surgery. However, they are afraid of the effect that their daughter might have on three younger children. It’s not contagious, stupid.

Perry asserts that transgender people have a negative influence on children. She goes on to say that the younger kids need to know that this is not “God’s plan™” and that the daughter should come dressed as a male. The alternative — the trans person presenting as their gender identity — is, according to Perry, “to make a scene.”

Everything is about the Christians. Nothing is about the welfare of LGBTQ family members.

Shick’s learned advice is to meet with their daughter outside of the home or in the home with the younger children being elsewhere. Shick thinks that the children should be told that their sibling is confused because her god intends for everyone to be a girl or boy.

“The basis for all of this stupidity is their belief that LGBTQ people have made very bad (and sinful) choices.”

The third question reveals just how obtuse these folks are. It deals with a gay granddaughter who now believes that her family is toxic and has asked that they have no contact with her. I cannot imagine what could lead her to that conclusion.

“Should we still buy her Christmas presents? Should we send her a copy of [one of AFA’s bigoted videos]?”

Perry’s advice is to pray. Seriously. Shick agrees. Black paints the family as victims of their gay family member. These folks really do love victimhood.

You would think that one of these people would want to know why they are deemed toxic. How could they alter their own behavior to resolve the conflict? They don’t care enough to do so.

In this orbit, LGBTQ people are evil and they are subjecting the entire family to their evil doing. They must be shamed. Shame is more important than love.

This is monotone. According to the Christians, the LGBTQ family members are presumed to be a problem. Nonsense. It is the bigoted family members who have the problem. Were these people less determined to withhold approval and dispense shame there would be more familial harmony.

The basis for all of this stupidity is their belief that LGBTQ people have made very bad (and sinful) choices. NO! The judgmental family members are the ones who are making very bad choices. These religious zealots have no capacity, whatsoever, for introspection. Moreover, the entire world revolves around them.

I am what I am!

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.