Doug Mainwaring
Doug Mainwaring | via YouTube — Dec., 2019

Doug Mainwaring, a gay man, is desperate for the approval of fundamentalist Catholics.

Nothing is the equal of religious fundamentalism when it comes to deteriorating critical thinking.

Wednesday, Doug Mainwaring‘s Onionesque headline reads: Top national conservative intellectuals silent on the scourge of homosexuality, same-sex ‘marriage.’ “Scourge” mind you. The subhead continues with:

The panelists had no trouble criticizing transgenderism, but homosexuality and same-sex ‘marriage’ were clearly off the table. Off-limits. Verboten.

They had no problem smearing transgender persons because many gay GOPers are part of the “drop the T” crowd.

Mainwaring “lived” as a gay man for several years. Eventually he returned to his lesbian wife. I gather that the gay community was not enthralled with Dougie. Furthermore, Mainwaring went on the be a Tea Party crackpot.

Eventually, Mainwaring allowed himself to be collared and leashed by Brian S. Brown who paraded him around (“walkies!”) as “the gay man who opposes gay marriage.” In other words he was a gay man and Defender of the Faith when being described as gay was helpful to his (idiotic) argument.

These days, Mainwaring would like people to forget that he is gay. Mainwaring reminds me of a closeted homosexual who spouts “fag” jokes as a distraction.

What, precisely, does Mainwaring want conservative panelists (including two gay men) to say about homosexuality? “The Church does not approve?”

When Mainwaring was being walked by Brown, was he part of a “scourge?” Moreover, the definition of scourge is a person or thing that causes great trouble or suffering. Who is “suffering?” Mainwaring is suffering because he has to spout this crap in order to garner approval from fanatical Christian zealots.

“Mainwaring reminds me of a closeted homosexual who spouts ‘fag’ jokes as a distraction.”

Mainwaring’s description is even more bizarre:

It was a stunning spectacle: A panel discussion at the National Conservatism Conference earlier this month showcased the degree to which top conservative thinkers have capitulated through self-imposed silence regarding homosexuality and same-sex “marriage.”

I note that self-loathing, self-absorbed Peter Thiel was a keynote speaker along with bigots like Ted Cruz. These people will never accept the fact that they are complicit in the defamation of other LGBTQ people.

Mainwaring is correct. They are capitulating, … to science. Sexual orientation is not a choice and it has a genetic component. What are they supposed to say? That gay people should be neurotic, miserable and celibate? Be careful what you wish for.

Roughly half of Catholic priests are sexually active. Moreover, about 20% to 23% are in long term relationships. What does that say about commitments to celibacy?

Furthermore, what are they supposed to say about marriage equality. It is public policy. Moreover, contrary to all the scaremongering prior to Windsor and the Obergefell rulings, same-sex marriage affects no one other than those thus wed.

The fact that the Church disapproves of same-sex marriage is irrelevant. Orthodox rabbis insist that people should keep kosher. That does not operate to mean that shrimp is evil and that eating shrimp is immoral. It’s the same thing.

Quoting panelist Sohrab Ahmari:

“Freedom without limits,” answered devout Catholic Ahmari, without “an account of what it means to be happy and what freedom is really for — and there are true or false, better or worse answers for that — actually leads to unfreedom.”

Ahmari illustrated his point by zeroing in on transgenderism and how the personal autonomy asserted by transsexuals freeing them to choose their preferred genders requires that others play along.

Iranian born Sohrab Ahmari was (supposedly) an atheist who converted to Catholicism in 2016. Ahmari is a minor player among culture warriors and is best known for his pissing contest with David French. Moreover, Ahmari is not terribly intelligent.

How about just good manners? Does that mean anything anymore? What is gained by demonstrating disapproval?”

Gender identity is not a matter of “personal autonomy.” It is what it is and it has a durable biological basis.

Moreover, transgender people do not have a “preferred gender.” Gender identity does not work that way.

Furthermore, transgender people do not “choose” their gender. Were that the case then there would likely be no transgender people as folks would “prefer” and “choose” the gender matching their chromosomes.

As for a “requirement” to “play along,” no one requires people to be courteous. Politeness requires that we address people as they choose to be addressed. With transgender people that is either in accordance with their presentation or their stated preferred pronouns.

The Catholic Church essentially teaches that transgender people do not really exist. That causes zealous adherents to feel obligated to display their disapproval which they do by misgendering transgender persons. Their obligation to shame — in their minds — outweighs courtesy and decency.

This sense of an obligation to shame becomes more apparent in the next paragraph:

“So now we’re all forced to mouth absurdities that aren’t true,” said Ahmari, who by choosing to remain silent about the homosexual “marriage” of fellow panelist Dave Rubin lent his tacit approval to an equally absurd act.

What Mainwaring is directly saying is that:

  1. People have an obligation to shame those they disapprove of and;
  2. that the absence of disapproval equals approval.

How about just good manners? Does that mean anything anymore? What is gained by demonstrating disapproval of Rubin’s civil marriage? In other words, shaming Dave Rubin has no positive effect on anyone. The effect is limited to pissing off Rubin. And Thiel and any other gay conservatives participating in or listening to that panel.

“… all this fuss over pronouns as if people suffer by being polite.”

Seriously. What the fuck do they expect? Does Mainwaring think that Rubin is going to break up with his husband, submit to conversion “therapy” and possibly convert to Christianity all because of Ahmari’s religiously-based opinions?

Furthermore, getting back to Ahmari, “absurdities that aren’t true” means being polite to trans persons. Furthermore, “true” to Ahmari does not mean objective truth. In his conversion, Ahmari has become a dogmatist. Catholic doctrine is incontrovertibly true regardless of evidence to the contrary. And there is ample evidence that gender identity prevails over chromosomes.

Later on Mainwaring quotes Douglas Murray. Murray is an odious English ass who is Islamophobic, homophobic, transphobic and an anti-immigration nativist. In this country, that might qualify Murray to be a Klansman. Mainwaring’s quote demonstrates Murray’s extremism and idiocy:

“The problem with the trans movement is that it says, ‘I’m here, I’m trans, and therefore you’ve got to change your language and change your understanding of biology,’ and the answer to that is ‘No,’” said Murray, paraphrasing the gay mantra shouted in the streets ad nauseam in the 1990s, “We’re here. We’re queer. Get used to it!”

Obviously Mr. Murray is a bit short of biology erudition. I’ll not repeat myself regarding courtesy. However, all this fuss over pronouns as if people suffer by being polite. Doug Mainwaring is intellectually overpowered by someone who bloviates transphobic nonsense. Actually Mainwaring is intellectually overpowered by the vast majority of the world’s population.

“Oh the tragedy of being parented by a senior cabinet member who was a Rhodes scholar …”

Mainwaring’s intellectual deficit becomes more apparent as he continues:

Contrary to Murray’s assertion, the gay movement has made similar unreasonable demands which have had a huge impact on western culture.
Gays and lesbians demanded that the definition of marriage be mutated to incorporate genderless relationships.…

Rubin is quoted as having a faithful 11 year marriage and that they are working on having kids. Keep in mind that Mainwaring has a bunch of very fucked-up children:

The morality of parenthood that Rubin subscribes to is exactly the same as homosexual Secretary of Transportation Pete Buttigieg’s and all the other wealthy white gays who can afford the vast sums of money necessary to have children medically engineered for them.

Oh the tragedy of being parented by a senior cabinet member who was a Rhodes scholar and his husband, a public school teacher. The Buttigieg children are two of the luckiest kids on the planet. Their probability of future success as adults is close to 100%. Are any of Mainwaring’s grown children successful? Happy? Secure?

The diatribe slowly meanders to this conclusion:

Conservative elites will fail in their quest to enliven conservatism if they fail to conserve marriage, the nuclear family, and our commitment to every child’s right to his or her mother and father.

Whether members of the political, academic, media, or corporate classes, conservative elites, need to once again relentlessly pursue intellectual honesty and integrity regarding creeping LGBT influence within their ranks.

Translation: “Conservatives must be religious fanatics and bigots.” Mainwaring has a hell of a nerve by indirectly defining his jeremiad as intellectually honest. Intellectual honesty is first based on the truth which is based on evidence. Self-loathing dogmatism is the exact opposite of intellectual honesty.

He is right about one thing. LGBTQ persons have increasing influence. Underpinning that gain is society’s appreciation of the science in regards to sexual orientation and gender identity. The Church continues to teach that gay people are “objectively disordered” which is not objective truth. Get over yourself Doug Mainwaring. You will be much happier if you do.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.