Mark Miloscia is deranged, paranoid and convince that LGBTQ people will destroy America
The profoundly paranoid Mark Miloscia is of questionable sanity and convinced that LGBTQ people will literally destroy America | via WUSA9

It is a reasonable certainty that Mark Miloscia (FPIW)
is batshit crazy.

The subject line of the email from Mark Miloscia (Family Policy Institute of Washington) reads: From Gay Marriage to Normalizing Pedophilia in 9 years. You know — without reading the text — where this money-grub is going.

The email is quite verbose but some choice paragraphs reveal a level of mendacity and irrationality that should propel Miloscia to the nearest psych ward. For example:

Progressive ideology on sexuality continues to push boundaries and promote dangerous ideas. Earlier this month, Professor Allyn Walker of Old Dominion University (ODU) brought attention to a new term, “Minor-Attracted Persons” or “MAPs.” Walker, a transgender male, used the term to argue that pedophiles shouldn’t be stigmatized for their sexual attraction to children.

Dr. Walker has become a chew toy for the religious whack jobs.

I have written about this matter before. Dr. Walker has his PhD in criminal justice. He is an expert. Most minor attracted persons are non-offenders. Therefore, they are not pedophiles. Destigmatizing the attraction encourages individuals to seek therapy and to join support groups.

Dr. Walker’s hypothesis (which makes perfect sense to this non-expert) is that this will prevent people from acting on their attractions. Ultimately, this will diminish child molestation.

Does Mr. Miloscia have a better idea or does he just feel compelled to bloviate in an appeal to the lowest common denominator?

We lock up — and will continue to lock up — pedophiles. We need to accept the simple fact that imprisoning them does not alter the attraction.

“… how, exactly, does one ‘normalize’ something that is already perfectly normal?”

Furthermore, the fact that Dr. Walker is transgender is entirely irrelevant to his ideas. This is, in part, argumentum ad hominem. Moreover, Miloscia intends to create an association between pedophiles, gay people and transgender persons which is yet another logical fallacy. Mr. Miloscia is not terribly smart and that is argumentum ad hominem on my part.

Link and lie:
Bull shitting bullshit

Normalizing pedophilia, what some would call “intergenerational sexual intimacy” or just another sexual orientation begins a path toward legalizing sex with children and empowering sex offenders. We already see this happening in Washington State as we legalized child prostitution for those under 18 years of age and passed a pornographic sex ed indoctrination curriculum for public school students. Unless we draw a firm line TODAY, the pagan left and the Democrat Party will continue to push current boundaries until we destroy our country.

  1. Walker’s idea would not “normalize pedophilia.” The not-too-swift Miloscia is incapable of offering an intellectually honest argument. And it is just an idea, an expert’s intellectual proposal. Ideas terrify radical religious conservatives.
  2. Dr. Walker’s idea does not create a path toward legalizing pedophilia.
  3. Prostitution remains illegal in Washington State regardless of the age of the prostitute.
  4. Sex education in Washington schools is neither pornographic nor indoctrination. It provides medically accurate and age appropriate information to students.
  5. Miloscia is a radical extremist. Most Christians disagree with Miloscia. Does that make them “pagans.”

And just to ensure that he is perceived as an idiot:

Unfortunately, we are seeing much more of this rhetoric as teachers and school librarians increasingly seek to normalize disordered sexual activities for children. One first grade teacher, who identifies as “queer,” claimed to openly discuss their sexual orientation with their students.

“The notion that allowing children to know that LGBTQ people exist is ‘child sexual abuse’ is so absurd and offensive that it begs the question of Miloscia’s mental competence.”

“Objectively disordered” is Catholic doctrine for describing gay people. And what, precisely, is wrong with a discussion with young kids about sexual orientation? Or does Miloscia think that the discussion will turn kids gay?

Moreover, how, exactly, does one “normalize” something that is already perfectly normal? Sexual orientation is a continuum with gay and straight at the extreme ends. Everyone has one. Perhaps Mr. Miloscia is overcompensating.

Ensuring that Miloscia is perceived as an irrational (and lying) bigot:

Children are even being encouraged to attend explicit “kink” performances at Pride parades to reassure them that “alternative experiences of sexuality and expression are valid.” Not only are children too young to be exposed to such behaviors, but they are also being presented with a distorted worldview that will ultimately harm them. It is nothing less than child sexual abuse.

Pride parades are not “kink.” I do not know whom he is quoting but every expression of sexual orientation and gender identity (along with the infinite points of intersection) are normal variants of human sexuality. Must we discard settled science to appease Mr. Miloscia?

Furthermore, no one is exposing children to “behaviors.” They are perfectly capable — at an early age — of understanding that not everyone is heterosexual and cisgender. Moreover, those same kids are going to have LGBTQ people involved in many aspects of their lives. Teachers, classmates, friends, coworkers and bosses.

“Marriage equality has not affected Miloscia in any meaningful way …”

The notion that allowing children to know that LGBTQ people exist is “child sexual abuse” is so absurd and offensive that it begs the question of Miloscia’s mental competence. What kind of deranged parent is Miloscia? What would he do if one of his children is gay?

Miloscia obviously sees teaching kids to hate people that he does not approve of as a virtue.

I ask the same two questions because of the inherent irrationality: Does Miloscia believe that knowing about LGBTQ people whill influence the sexuality of children? Is Mark Miloscia overcompensating due to his insecurities?

… proponents of gay marriage claimed that they just wanted basic rights and that gay marriage wouldn’t hurt marriage or anyone else. Well today, we see now see that they monstrously lied to the public while cleverly hiding their real sexual agenda.

A liar calling others liars.

  1. Marriage equality has not affected Miloscia in any meaningful way (except to make him more irrational).
  2. Marriage equality had, and has, no nefarious, hidden “sexual agenda.”

The consequence which, by the way, reside solely in Mark Miloscia’s head, have no connection to marriage equality:

Nine years later, … teachers subjecting young children to discussions about sexual activities and encouraging them to self-mutilate, and we’ve now reached the final stage where mainstream leftists are normalizing pedophilia and child sexual abuse.

Nice try. Well, not so nice. Moreover, not truthful. None of it. No one — no one — is normalizing pedophilia and child sexual abuse.” Furthermore, no one is “encouraging” young children to “self-mutilate” (whatever the hell that is supposed to mean).

“The guy is incapable of employing any critical thinking to separate fact from fiction.”

Aside from the obvious derangement (unhingedness if you prefer), Miloscia is a bald-faced liar. He is making things up in a way that suggests that he believes that his supporters are colossally stupid. Who could possibly believe half this crap?

The absurd effort to tie marriage equality into everything else Miloscia disapproves of continues:

Unfortunately, normalizing pedophilia is not where this all ends. The real efforts to normalize these radical LGBTQ behaviors, porn, abortion, and other disordered or mentally ill behaviors began a slippery slope that points to an apocalyptic future for our country. Gay marriage was purportedly just about adults and basic rights, but the results of that culture norm being broken and the constant perverted sexual indoctrination of our children has now resulted in societal-ending culture changes that are undeniable!

Not once in this unhinged diatribe does Miloscia offer a scrap of evidence? Does this schmuck not realize that a slippery slope argument is a logical fallacy?

The slippery slope involves an acceptance of a succession of events without direct evidence that a course of events will happen [or has happened].

The guy is incapable of employing any critical thinking to separate fact from fiction:

A recent study that good [sic] little coverage by the corrupt media now reveals 39% of Millennials now identify as LGBTQ. We are way beyond a “political” or “public health” or “mental health” crisis.

“Increased support for marriage equality is, at least in part, due to the simple fact that none of the fear mongering of blowhards like Miloscia has come to pass.”

That “study” is out of Arizona Christian College. It is neither peer-reviewed nor published to an academic journal. Moreover, there is no evidence that the percentage of people who identify as LGBTQ has anything to do with marriage equality.

Furthermore, it is quite likely that fewer people are in the proverbial closet. For my career I had to hide my sexuality. That is no longer the case. The percentage of gay people has probably not changed. However, the percentage of openly gay people has probably increased.

Rather than marriage equality, the acceptance of LGBTQ people is closely related to the acceptance of science. The Vatican continues to insist that gay people are “objectively disordered” and that that transgender people do not really exist. However the science — which is based on evidence — does not conform to faith-based religious doctrine.

Furthermore, most Christians — Catholics in particular — do not agree with Mark Miloscia. A majority of Republicans approve of same-sex marriage.

There is no evidence that these measures of support coincide with the 2015 ruling in Obergefell v. Hodges or, for that matter, the 2012 legislation that legalized same-sex marriage in Washington State.

Increased support for marriage equality is, at least in part, due to the simple fact that none of the fear mongering of blowhards like Miloscia has come to pass. When combined with a greater understanding of the science regarding sexuality the overwhelming majority of people support both marriage equality and nondiscrimination protections for LGBTQ people.

Yet Mr. Miloscia has learned nothing from experience. He continues to offer doomsday predictions with evidence-free arguments. Moreover, Mr. Miloscia has been victimized by his own bullshit combined with loony Christian dogma.

I do not know just how psychotic Mark Miloscia was in the past. However there is ample evidence of the fact that Miloscia is psychotic now. My hypothesis is that Miloscia’s derangement is a direct result of public support of LGBTQ people and his own self-victimization. Furthermore, the public support depicts a rejection of anti-LGBTQ religious dogma.

The alternative is that people are able to compartmentalize religious doctrine from everyday life experience. Mr. Miloscia is incapable of making those distinctions. His inability to separate dogma from day-to-day reality will render Mark Miloscia increasingly victimized by his own lunacy. He will inevitably become increasingly isolated and miserable. He cannot possibly find real happiness while embracing a demented world view.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.