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Another anonymous crackpot recklessly promoting a cure for pediatric gender dysphoria | image via ABC News

Monday, Charlie Jacobs (a pseudonym) has authored: What I’ve Learned Rescuing My Daughter From Her Transgender Fantasy. I do not have enough vetted information to opine about her daughter’s medical condition but there are some clues along the way.

Some transgender people will detransition, often due to family pressure. Whatever the reason, it is a fact that detransitioned people exist. Their existence presents no peril to the LGBTQ community. At least it should not.

I have a problem with people who promote the idea that being transgender is a delusion. I have an even greater problem with those who say “My child detransitioned and so should your son or daughter.”

Therefore, before I get into this, let’s deal with some facts:

Pediatric gender dysphoria is a debilitating condition. Moreover, it places the affected child or adolescent at significant danger of self-harm.

Persistence of the condition is a function of its severity. Those who are less affected (the majority of kids) will usually experience the abatement of the condition. Those more seriously affected will transition to present as their gender identity.

Furthermore, transitioning is the only intervention known to medical science to mitigate the symptoms of gender dysphoria. Gender identity conversion efforts are profoundly toxic and lead to lifelong mental health consequences.

If young people are supported in their gender identity, the risk of self-harm diminishes considerably and they lead happy, productive lives.

“Conservative Christian always promote the nonsense that gender dysphoria has an ‘underlying cause.'”

Charlie Jacobs’ biography at Heritage Foundation reads:

Charlie Jacobs is the pen name of a California wife and mother of two teenagers. Until recently, she worked part time in a professional capacity, but is now dedicated to educating other parents about how gender ideology can overtake a child.

I have little respect for people who write under pseudonyms to avoid opprobrium. If one is serious about advocacy then a real name is in order.

Once people use the “gender ideology” BS you know that they have a religious objection to the existence of transgender people. Furthermore, it disqualifies them from being authoritative opinionators. Being transgender is neither a doctrine nor philosophy.

Moreover, knowing what that “professional capacity” means is important in determining her qualifications. Absent any specifics, we can assume that she is wholly unqualified to offer advice regarding transgender persons.

Ultimately, whatever she or her daughter experienced is unique to them. Applying it to others when the underlying condition is as potentially lethal as aggressive pediatric cancers is reckless That is particularly true when the person offering advice is unqualified to do so.

The first 900 words of this treatise are self-serving gibberish. Then:

After going through seven mental health professionals, I found an out-of-state psychiatrist who was willing to examine the causality for my daughter’s sudden trans identity.

I immersed myself in reading everything on the issue, talking to other parents and other professionals. I worked unceasingly to re-create the bond she and I used to share.

After a year and half of utter hell, my daughter is finally returning to her authentic self—a beautiful, artsy, kind and loving daughter.

Conservative Christian always promote the nonsense that gender dysphoria has an “underlying cause.” Fix the cause and — abracadabra — no more gender dysphoria. Of course that ignores the scientific fact that gender identity has a “durable biological underpinning.” Underlying cause nonsense is just pretext for gender identity conversion efforts.

“So she denied a child competent medical care and then misgendered the kid. That is called ‘child abuse.'”

After seven clinicials, Jacobs search and searched until she found someone who told her what she wanted to hear. Any psychiatrists who would play into this is, frankly, a religious crackpot. A few of these have become professional expert witnesses.

These are folks who preference faith-based religious doctrine over evidence-based medical science. They never publish peer-reviewed studies to prominent academic journals.

Furthermore, “shrink shopping” leads to a self-fulfilling and predictable outcome.

Even the child’s Catholic school knew better:

I am not sure what the actual ingredients for the magic potion were for alleviating gender dysphoria in my daughter. The formula will vary, but what I did was, after a very brief misstep of using a male name, our family and all of the adults in my child’s life only used her birth name and corresponding pronouns.

We did not permit social transition, although we could not control the school setting. Unbelievably, our local Catholic high school refused to follow our edict.

So she denied a child competent medical care and then misgendered the kid. That is called “child abuse.”

“Jacobs’ choices are the result of confirmation bias.”

Responsible research results in articles published to respectable, peer-reviewed academic journals. Ms. Jacobs has different idea:

I left all of my research out in plain view, including “Irreversible Damage: The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters” by Abigail Shrier, “Gender Dysphoria: A Therapeutic Model for Working With Children, Adolescents, and Young Adults” by Susan Evans, and other books.

Abigail Shrier is a writer and a lawyer with no applicable training or experience. A book is not peer-reviewed research.

The second mention was written by Susan Evans and Marcus Evans. Marcus Evans was a psychiatric nurse who used to work for Tavistock in the UK. His qualifications are very limited. Susan Evans appears to have no qualifications whatsoever.

Jacobs also read material by Maria Keffler. Ms. Keffler promotes the notion that transgender medicine is a conspiracy.

I take that back. These folks are qualified to tell Jacobs what she wanted to hear. Jacobs’ choices are the result of confirmation bias. You can be pretty certain that Jacobs’ reading material did not include anything from Jack Turban (Stanford), Kristina Olson (Princeton), Deanna Adkins (Duke) or anyone who is really qualified in regards to pediatric gender dysphoria.

Jacobs isn’t interested in the science or the opinions of folks who actually do know what they are talking about. She isn’t interested because those voices might contradict her preconceived religion-based beliefs.

The end result of this willful ignorance is uncertainty. Aside from meeting several markers, adolescents are diagnosed with gender dysphoria when they have been in “significant” distress for at least six months.

We have no way of knowing whether Jacobs’ offspring was properly evaluated. Most of the clinicians who are truly qualified to do so are academics affiliated with prominent universities.

“This is a contest between medical science and superstition. For the sake of the children I hope that science prevails.

More importantly, we have no way of knowing what this adolescent’s prognosis is. If she had been properly diagnosed with gender dysphoria and was treated through gender identity conversion efforts, then she might suffer adverse mental health consequences for the rest of her life.

Furthermore, there is a more troubling possibility. The kid could be in distress from gender dysphoria and is simply seeking her mother’s previously withheld approval. That is a recipe for disaster. I truly hope that that is not the case.

It would be a positive development if religiously inspired people would stop promoting their “cures” for a very dangerous condition. These folks are not the recipients of advice from people who are qualified to offer advice. Then the promoters become even less qualified than their unqualified sources of information.

This is a contest between medical science and superstition. For the sake of the children I hope that science prevails.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.