Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins - why is he so invested in denying children the best medical care known to science?
Why is hate group leader Tony Perkins so invested in smearing transgender persons>

Family Research Council is marginalizing and denigrating transgender persons to inspire donations and to effect a political outcome.

Hate Group Leader Tony Perkins is in a lather (possibly a feigned lather) over a settlement between a Crunch Fitness franchise, the California Department of Fair Employment & Housing (DFEH) and a transgender woman; Christynne Wood.

I will get to Perkins’ dishonest version of events. First, however, this is what transpired:

At issue is a violation of California’s Unruh Civil Rights Act. Attorneys for the DFEH and Ms. Wood include the ACLU of Southern California and the Nixon Peabody firm (pro bono).

Ms. Wood transitioned in 2016. Wood was a regular at Crunch. Indeed, she lost 100 pounds. For some reason, Wood was using the male locker room where she suffered harassment. In one instance a man referred to Ms. Wood as a “fucking faggot.”

Wood requested the use of the women’s locker room. Gym management told her that she needed a doctor’s letter confirming that she was transitioning. In September, 2016, Wood provided the letter. Furthermore, in February, 2017, Wood provided Crunch with a copy of the court order changing her name and legal gender.

It was not until September, 2017 that Wood was permitted to use the women’s locker room. At one point a gym manager told her that she had to undergo “sex change surgery” to accommodated.

In May, 2018 DFEH filed a complaint against Crunch in California Superior Court for the County of San Diego. Crunch had violated the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

Finally, in December of this year, the parties entered into a settlement and release agreement. Crunch Fitness agreed that all its employees will undergo anti-discrimination training, including the identification and prevention of harassment based on gender expression.

Furthermore, in a separate, confidential agreement, Ms. Wood received a payment. The amount is unknown.

What is most egregious is Perkins’ claim that ‘women’s safety’ was at risk.”

Mr. Perkins’ version of events:

Family Research Council has posted: Gym Bags Privacy Policy after Trans Suit. To say that it is inflammatory and bigoted is an understatement. Moreover, it serves no purpose other than to gin up anger among FRC’s supporters.

For customers expecting to enjoy a little privacy to change or shower, it was a shocking experience to open the door and see a biological man staring back. But unfortunately for Crunch’s clients, that’s the new normal after a legal settlement made it clear that women’s safety doesn’t matter.

Mr. Perkins provides no evidence whatsoever to support his claim that women were shocked by Ms. Wood’s use of the women’s locker room. It seems safe to assume that Ms. Wood made every reasonable effort to be discrete.

What is most egregious is Perkins’ claim that “women’s safety” was at risk. There is no evidence that any trans woman has ever harmed a cisgender woman.

Later on:

The managers wanted proof that Christynne was surgically transitioning — not just that he had changed his legal name. After all, there were other members to consider, who might not share the Left’s enthusiasm about forcing women to share a room with a naked man.

While is is true that the gym eventually sought proof of surgery (which is unreasonable), the original request was documentation that she was undergoing gender-affirmative care. Any requirement beyond that constitutes a violation of the Unruh Civil Rights Act.

“Perkins offers no evidence whatsoever that any women complained about the accommodations for Ms. Wood.”

Furthermore, the “enthusiasm” nonsense is just that. Nonsense. In 2005 the legislators duly elected by the majority of citizens of California amended the Unruh Act to include gender identity and sexual orientation as protected classes.

More mischaracterization:

By 2018, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing got involved, demanding that the gym open its locker room doors to anyone, regardless of their biological realities.

DFEH is responsible for enforcing applicable law. There was a clear violation of law in this instance which is probably what propelled an eventual settlement. Moreover, “biological realities” is a bigoted expression designed to suggest that gender identity is irrelevant or may not even exist.

Perkins loves to create imaginary victims:

… there’s a big difference between sharing a space with clothed members of society and letting men expose themselves to women without consequence — creating an uncomfortable, unsafe, and even hostile environment for everyone else. “Tolerance” sounds like a great idea until your wife walks into a locker room with a naked man. Or worse, your youngest daughter.

Perkins offers no evidence whatsoever that any women complained about the accommodations for Ms. Wood. Furthermore, Perkins thrives on the notion that LGBTQ persons pose a peril to children. Moreover, this has nothing to do with tolerance. This is about applicable law. A law that Mr. Perkins does not like.

Perkins is a pathological liar irrespective of applicable scripture prohibiting “false witness.”

“Perkins’ ‘radical transgender policy’ that he doesn’t approve of is public policy. It has been enshrined in California law for 16 years.”

Two teenagers in Loudoun County will have scars for the rest of the life because a policy like this one gave a boy in a skirt access to rape and assault two girls. But that hasn’t stopped the Left from pushing schools to throw children’s privacy to the wind and cast their lot with radical transgender policies like this one. If that makes you or your daughter uncomfortable, this president’s response is a lot like Christynne’s: “too bad.”

  • In the first Loudoun Country instance, the teenage girl invited the cisgender boy to meet her in the girls’ bathroom. The fact that he might have been wearing a dress is entirely irrelevant. The incident has no connection to accommodating transgender youth.
  • In the second instance, a girl was attacked in a classroom. That — obviously — has nothing to do with transgender accommodations.
  • Perkins knows the truth in both of the above cases. Perkins will say just about anything in service to demeaning LGBTQ persons. No lie or misrepresentation is too outrageous for Perkins.
  • Perkins’ “radical transgender policy” that he doesn’t approve of is public policy. It has been enshrined in California law for 16 years.
  • Obviously President Biden is not responsible for a California law that was passed in 2005.

Tony Perkins has direct connections to the Ku Klux Klan. His victims might have changed but the ethos remains about the same.”

Ultimately this screed has no positive purpose. Perkins’ complaints are not going to affect a California law supported, arguably, by a majority of California citizens. Furthermore, lying about a supposed danger that trans youth pose to cisgender youth is not going to alter school policies.

Perkins’ agenda is likely to be two-fold.

First, the purpose of the noise in Loudoun County was to create a wedge issue for the then upcoming Virginia gubernatorial election. Sadly, the anti-trans hate was successful (at least in part) for turning the state red.

Perkins is employing the same tactics to affect the 2022 midterm elections. Perkins is, and always has been a Republican operative.

Secondly, Perkins is a cynic. He knows that pissing off his constituency increases their willingness to part with some money and send it Perkins’ way.

Perkins phony concerns for safety create a real issue of safety for transgender persons. Tony Perkins is perfectly willing to be responsible for violence towards people he does not approve of. Tony Perkins has direct connections to the Ku Klux Klan. His victims might have changed but the ethos remains about the same.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.