David Kyle Foster
Pray-the-gay-away scammer, David Kyle Foster | via YouTube 2020

Christian conservatives are desperate to have people believe that sexual orientation can be “fixed” through conversion “therapy” and prayer.

Conversion efforts are designed to justify prejudice and discrimination.

I have a standard reaction to people who claim to have insight into human sexuality that differs from science: I’ll take you seriously when you publish your “findings” to a respectable, peer-reviewed academic journal. Until then you are just a purveyor of crackpottery.

Therefore, I regard David Kyle Foster as a crackpot. I often wonder if his supposed erudition is the result of giving blowjobs for $10 a throw. Yes, David Kyle Foster is a former hustler.

Foster no longer supports himself by peddling his ass. These days he does so by peddling silly pray-your-gay-away fantasies. Foster was more productive selling his ass. At least he wasn’t lying.

David Kyle Foster dishonestly attempts to promote the theme that gay people are broken:

The world would have us believe that people are born gay and that there is no brokenness involved. Yet, such a stance has no science behind it despite the fact that millions of dollars have been invested in attempts to prove the assertion. In truth, just the opposite is true.

“The world?” How about the overwhelming consensus of science? Sexual orientation is a continuum with heterosexual and homosexual at the extreme ends. Genetics is responsible for about 25% of the puzzle.

“Broken? Gay persons have been successful in every human endeavor. We are business leaders, astronauts, scientists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, academics …”

The fraternal birth order effect indicates that the biology is a significant factor in male sexual orientation. It is presumably linked to the hormones of the birth mother. The more biological older brothers that a man has, the more likely he is to be gay. Studies show that adopted siblings do not contribute to the phenomena. Other studies demonstrate that the effect is present when biological brothers are raised in different households.

It is standard Christian lore that “millions of dollars have been invested” to identify the gay gene. Supposedly this investment is by the gay community. None of that is true unless Mr. Foster can cite a study. Foster never cites peer-reviewed research. Moreover, current research indicates that several genes in concert are responsible for sexual orientation.

If anyone is broken it is David Kyle Foster. While he was busy hooking I was a chief operating officer responsible for over 1,000 employees. While Foster was sucking cocks for a few dollars, I was forming a monogamous relationship that would last for over 30 years.

David Kyle Foster is still a prostitute.

Broken? Gay persons have been successful in every human endeavor. We are business leaders, astronauts, scientists, doctors, lawyers, politicians, academics, authors, choreographers, playwrights and poets. We are also policemen, firemen, office workers, conservationists and even clergy. All of those people are not broken.

“David Kyle Foster has no applicable training and experience to render judgment of the science associated with sexual orientation.”

In contrast, can David Kyle Foster cite any peer-reviewed research attesting to any intervention that ever changed anyone’s sexual orientation? Crickets. When the facts don’t support an argument, rely on a god:

There is also what I call the “Judas Church” who would have you believe that homosexual behavior is natural, healthy and holy. So-called “gay and affirming theologians” preach this false doctrine despite many biblical references that homosexual behavior is an abomination to the Lord …

After the deity, baffle them with bullshit:

Bullshit via KlipschThe truth is there are numerous primary factors and dozens of secondary or contributing factors to homosexual confusion. One might say that there is a conspiracy of factors that, when combined, put natural heterosexual desire into confusion. These components interact with a person’s personality to create a unique mix for that person. Consequently, the set of issues for one person will differ from those of another person.

First of all, Foster is embracing the latest transphobic rhetoric by calling sexuality he does not approve of “confusion.” If anyone is confused it is Mr. Foster. David Kyle Foster has no applicable training and experience to render judgment of the science associated with sexual orientation.

“Gay sex is supposed to be for pleasure; not revenues.”

Ah but David Kyle Foster explains it all for you:

Primary causal factors include:

— Failure to emotionally bond with one’s same-sex parent (for any number of reasons).

— Sexual abuse by either sex.

— Our sin nature.

— One or more experiences that have corrupted a person’s view of the opposite sex—producing fear or hatred of that gender.

Again, where in hell is there any peer-reviewed research to support any of that nonsense? What makes Foster believe that he is even remotely qualified to render judgment on human sexuality when his opinions are in direct conflict with established science?

Foster goes on to list 23 possible contributing factors which defy not only science but common sense. They are applicable to many of the straight people I know. In fact, some of them apply to every straight person I know.

The great intellectual explains what this all means:

A Conspiracy Like No Other

In my case, the primary factors listed above conspired with many of these secondary factors to create a degree of sexual identity confusion that could be estimated as a 5 on a scale of 10. (It’s much more complicated than simply being gay or straight.)

So then a bisexual man was turning gay tricks and sucking dicks for a few dollars. And we are to believe that this guy is credible?

Then he made himself gayer?

I did in fact eventually push myself higher on that scale toward homosexual confusion because of my personal choices regarding sexual behavior, which in and of itself is one of the most powerful of all formative agents.

The “choice” was getting his ass ploughed for money. Gay sex is supposed to be for pleasure; not revenues. The only “confusion” is what Foster promotes. Foster knows that he has to confuse a few gullible people to sell his snake oil.

Nothing is as fraudulent as people doing evil in the name of their god.”

When is “now” and who is “we?”

As I said, it’s complicated. But we now know enough about what can cause homosexuality to press on for the healing of such brokenness through the revelation and cleansing power of the Holy Spirit.

Foster writes as if he is the recipient of new scientific findings regarding sexual orientation. “We now know?” When did he ever know?

The truth is this: There is no “cause” for any sexual orientation just as there is no cause for blue eyes or left-handedness. The infinite points of intersection of sexual orientation and gender identity are all natural variants of human sexuality.

We do have a choice. We can believe a former prostitute or we can believe the science as it is revealed through peer-reviewed academic journals. Which makes more sense?

Gay people are not “broken.” They do not need to be fixed. It is the people who peddle this nonsense, with the expectation that others will believe it, who are broken.

And who does believe it? Surely not gay people. Religious zealots intent on shaming LGBTQ people to supposedly please their deity buy the whole load. It serves to justify bigotry. It is a dishonest means of wedding oneself to the proposition that sexual orientation is a choice.

At I said at the outset, when David Kyle Foster provides evidence (not religious testimony) then he might be believable. He never will because he cannot. That renders Foster a sanctimonious, deceitful and unprincipled fool.

Nothing is as fraudulent as people doing evil in the name of their god.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.