Dave Aucoin - religious extremist
David Aucoin circa 2017 | via YouTube

A bigoted Christian crackpot lies his ass off about the trans kids being raised by his neighbors.

David Aucoin of Rhode Island is a failed political candidate and a preacher. Mr. Aucoin has consistently achieved “full of shit” status. Congratulations!

Previously Aucoin has been a purveyor of conversion “therapy.” Moreover, Aucoin has also stated that the science associated with gender-affirming care is wrong (as if he is remotely qualified to judge). Furthermore, David Aucoin, preacher and moralist, has a consistently distant relationship with the truth.

David Aucoin’s mendacity is again evidenced — in bold print — on Wednesday. Aucoin seeks to convey his 2022 objectives on behalf of the Rhode Island chapter of Family Policy Alliance (the “action” subsidiary of Focus on the Family and there really is no Rhode Island chapter).

Consider this bit of prose:

The ‘transgender movement’ has blurred the lines between male and female. Rhode Island minors are buying into it and experiencing irreversible damage to their bodies with these life-altering surgeries, often without parental consent. FPA RI will work with legislators to introduce ‘Help Not Harm’ legislation that will prevent minors from having gender transition surgeries. The suicide rate for this group is dramatically increasing.

Allow me to enumerate the turds in the above:

  1. There is no “transgender movement.” There is an anti-transgender movement which was sparked by the Obama administration’s desire to accommodate trans kids in public schools. The transphobic movement largely exists in defense of scripture.
  2. Transgender persons do not “blur the lines between male and female.” Aside from the fact that they constitute only a half-percent of the population, they cause no confusion whatsoever among rational, marginally sane people.
  3. “Were any parent to listen to David Aucoin over their children’s doctors, they would be putting their child at significant risk.”

  4. Kids do not “buy into” a medical condition; one that is subject to expert diagnosis. Moreover, their parents are not hostages to a nefarious agenda and their consent is required.
  5. “These life-altering surgeries” do not exist among the kids that Aucoin is referring to. Minors are not candidates for surgery. Furthermore, gender-affirming care underpins the clinical practice standards of the American Academy or Pediatrics. When Aucoin adds “M.D.” as a suffix to his name he might be credible.
  6. “Often without parental consent?” Name one! Minors require parental consent for all medical treatments. Rhode Island does not currently have an emancipation statute. This means that emancipation from one’s parent is simply not an option.
  7. A measure preventing minors from having “gender transition surgeries” is pointless. (See above.)
  8. There is no evidence that the suicide rate is “increasing.” There is evidence published to peer reviewed academic journals demonstrating that the suicide rate decreases with gender-affirming care. Moreover, trans youth who are supported in the gender identity have levels of depression and anxiety nearly comparable to their cisgender peers. In other words, not supporting the gender identity of children is detrimental to their health.

That makes David Aucoin not just a liar and a crackpot. Aucoin is a dangerous liar and crackpot. Were any parent to listen to Aucoin over their children’s doctors, they would be putting their child at significant risk.

And the lies continue:

FPA RI will once again work with legislators to pass ‘Save Girls’ Sports’ legislation which simply says that to compete in girls’ sports, you must be a biological girl. This simple piece of legislation will help save our school age girls from physical harm and sexual abuse in our RI schools.

First of all, transgender girls comprise about a quarter of one percent of the population. Trans girls competing in athletics are probably about one-third of that quarter-percent.

“… let us not forget that all of this bigotry; all of this gratuitous vomit is in service to Bronze Age texts.”

Secondly, testosterone suppressed transgender girls pose no threat to cisgender girls in athletics as they have negligible levels of testosterone.

Furthermore, there is no evidence whatsoever that a transgender girl has ever posed a danger for either “physical harm” or “sexual abuse” to anyone in public schools. This is pure bullshit.

Mr. Aucoin has little respect for his neighbors, some of whom have transgender kids. Claiming that trans kids are a danger to others is outrageous. David Aucoin cannot cite even one example to support his vitriolic rhetoric. Yet he is perfectly willing to lie about some of his neighbors’ children. Doing so is sociopathic. David Aucoin doesn’t care who he hurts.

And let us not forget that all of this bigotry; all of this gratuitous vomit is in service to Bronze Age texts. This provides the perfect example of the contrast between faith and superstition.

People like David Aucoin are responsible for a great deal of suffering and misery among children. Children! It is immoral. If there is a god then he or she is very pissed off at depraved people like Aucoin.

Fortunately most people of faith do not agree with Aucoin. He is relegated to the lunatic fringe. Yet he is noisy and he poses a serious danger to others.

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.