Heritage Foundation transphobic video
YouTube screen capture

Once again, Heritage Foundation is promoting anti-trans bigotry and misinformation.

Thursday, Heritage Foundation staffers read books that they knew they did not approve of in advance. The intent was to prove that school children are being abused. The result was predictable.

The headline at Heritage Foundation’s blog reads: We Are Mothers. Here Are Our Reactions to ‘Woke’ Children’s Books. Those mothers are also employees of an organization that routinely promotes transphobic themes. Indeed, Heritage Foundation seems to be obsessed with transgender persons. I am quite certain that their concerns are strictly secular.

The promoted video (please join me in reporting hate to YouTube) makes about as much sense as Donald Trump volunteering to be hooked up to a lie detector. In one example, one of the women, Patrice Onwuka, claims that Jazz Jennings is transgender because a doctor implanted that idea into her mind.

But do tell. Marguerite Bowling writes:

The Heritage digital team sat down with myself, Patrice Onwuka, and Patti Hidalgo Menders, having each of us read several children’s books that promote gender identity and sexual orientation policies.

We read “I Am Jazz,” “Who Are You?: The Kid’s Guide to Gender Identity,” and “My Princess Boy” while offering our feedback, which was blunt at times.

They don’t approve. Imagine that.

“Now, you know, this is where I get really upset,” said Onwuka halfway through reading “I Am Jazz.”

“Because if I had a little girl, and then a little boy, who says, ‘Oh, I want to be like your little girl,’ says, ‘I’m going to start using the same bathroom,’ at such a tender age where they are still discovering their sexuality and their bodies, I would be so uncomfortable,” …

“Let us never forget that transphobia (including the subject noise) is the result of religious disapproval.”

That woman has the intellect of cabbage. First of all, kids with gender dysphoria don’t say things like Onwuka suggests. Secondly — and more importantly — the right course of action (aside from “be[ing] so uncomfortable”) is to have your child evaluated by a qualified mental health professional. Members of the Catholic Medical Association or American College of Pediatricians are unqualified per se.

Young children will first display having gender dysphoria by insisting that their gender is their gender identity in contrast to their natal sex. Most of the time they will grow out of it but that does not mean that the child should not be evaluated.

Gender dysphoria can produce a range of symptoms from mild discomfort to extreme distress. A diagnosis of pediatric gender dysphoria requires significant distress lasting at least six months.

Furthermore, a proper diagnosis does not cause gender dysphoria. That is just religious drivel from unqualified people who try to prevent parents from seeking qualified professional care.

Let us never forget that transphobia (including the subject noise) is the result of religious disapproval. Their defense of scripture becomes more important to them than the wellbeing of children.

The problem is religion. Furthermore, the problem is also dishonesty. These people are attempting to voice a religious objection as a secular objection. Doing so constitutes a lie.

“Is gender dysphoria a fake concept dreamed up by liberals to antagonize religious conservatives?”

The post concludes with another nitwit making idiotic statements:

[Patti Hidalgo] Menders, a mother of six and president of the Loudoun County Women’s Republican Club, warned, “I think these books are harmful to children because it is not reality.”

“It’s pushing a narrative into this child’s mind to think a certain way, to be a certain way.”

What, pray tell, “is not reality?” Is gender dysphoria a fake concept dreamed up by liberals to antagonize religious conservatives? The American Academy of Pediatrics bases its clinical practice standards on gender-affirming care. Is the AAP fake?

The Endocrine Society is the world’s oldest existing medical association. Are their standards for gender-affirming care also fake?

How about all of the peer-reviewed research demonstrating the clear benefits of gender-affirming care? Is all of that fake? Are the prestigious academic journals to which the research is published fake?

Hopefully, these three nut jobs will never have an LGBTQ offspring. What? Am I being too harsh? Their constituency is like-minded people. They are promoting and justifying transphobia with misinformation. That is harsh.

Furthermore, if any parent with a gender-diverse child to listen to these three then they would be guilty of child abuse. So I ask again. With the very lives of kids at stake, am I being too harsh?

By David Cary Hart

Retired CEO. Formerly a W.E. Deming-trained quality-management consultant. Now just a cranky Jewish queer. Gay cis. He/Him/His.